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kareli-murdered-gazeta-shekulliThe electronic page of ‘gazeta shekulli’  has published 7 photos, taken by security cameras on Nigrita prison in Greece. In these photos you will see the first moments of the arriving Albanian prisoner Kudret Kume, known in Greece as Ilia Kareli, who at 15:45 of the afternoon of March 27, has been brought from the Itea police region after he killed a guardian in Malandrino prison, in very heavy psychological conditions.

These are the photos of ‘the Greek Abu Gharib’, writes the newspaper gazeta shekulli, which has commented on photos one by one in specific details. In the first photo you can see that Ilia Kareli seems healthy and its not hurt, despite a black eye in his left side which seems he got that during his staying in the isolation room which in the prison language is called ‘the fridge’.

After two hours and 45 minutes of being violated by 15 guardians of the prison they take him outside and as you can see he seems totally hurt and he isn’t wearing any clothes  during the time the guards lock him in his cell naked. One hour later he lost his life in a mysterious way. These are the facts that Ilia Kareli has been Barbary violated till death by the guardians of this institution.

In the published photos you can see also see the director of the Nigrita prison to whom is not sent any invitation to testimony despite the fact that he is accused that has protected a crime made in the institution he leads.

Meanwhile the heart and the other parts of his body which are removed by his body ordered by the Greek justice for the autopsy and other examinations by legal doctors are still away from the body.

Wednesday morning there are called to testimony the other 7 accused of the case from which one will testimony on Friday, 4 Monday and 2 on Tuesday.

Gazeta Shekulli Other News in the same region: Cyprus an Albanian Murderer has been arrested after a 2 year run from Greek authorities. 

27 years old Albanian murderer known by his nickname as “Titi” has been arrested in Cyprus after a 2 year investigation by Greek Authorities.

He has been arrested in 2013 with one partner because he killed a 30 years old man on June 2012 during a stealing action in Athens. Gazeta Shekulli has learned this information after Greek police declared to the media his arrest.

He is qualified as a dangerous person with a lot of criminal activities in Greece. He is also considered as the boss of a criminal organization called as ‘Kalashnikov Band’ included in a lot of stealing and killing or violating persons using weapons.

They also opened fire toward the police in the passed after a failed operation to arrest him. According the Greek police they did this penal action : 17 stealing in homes using arms, 18 stealing at shops , 1 steal at the Greek postal office, 3 armed rubberies against person, 6 rubbery at homes at shops, 17 car rubberies. During their criminal actions they usually use Kallashnikov , pistols and grenades. During a different time periods the Albanian criminal as been arrested a few time but he gave different names and identifies to the police.

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