Horoskopi Ditor Tips: Is it Possibble That Love Lasts Forever?

love-horoskopi-ditorAs your life walks in quiet water, in your partners eyes you will find happiness and love just like reading horoskopi ditor that makes you feel good. The sun shines and the hearts are related with lots of harmony which makes you feel realized. What a marvelous feeling, having found your life partner! You feel safe with him and you think you will always love and stay with him.

But do you have to swear for “forever loving you”??

The answer is related with the capability to predict your emotional situation not only the present situation but also the future one. Love is an emotion, just like hate or euphoria is. It may not obey to our desires or wishes. What does the scientific literature and horoskopi ditor says about our ability to predict our future emotional situation? We don’t really have good news.

Following the traces of the feelings prediction pioneers, Daniel Gilbert (Harvard University), Timoty Wilson (Virginia University), George Lownstein (Carnegie Mellon University) and Daniel Kahneman (Princeton University) and some other scientists, have presented proves that persons are unclear when they predict their emotional reaction about future events.

If we predict future reaction related to the choice results, football matches or medical procedures, our predictions are usually different from our actual experience.

Breaking up? Easy to do!

In a recent study, the scientist examined how clear are people in defining their emotional answer for breaking up or divorcing. The participants in this survey were in a serious relationship.

They made an online test every two weeks where they were asked about different aspects of their personal and professional life. At the end of every test they were asked to predict the stress level if they will break up from their partner.

Even when they break up from their partner they continued to answer the test, what made possible for the scientists to compare the stress prediction before and after splitting up.

For example, the scientists compared the way of expressing when the test participants were asked how would they act if they will break up after 8 weeks and they also controlled their spiritual situation after 8 weeks. Generally, the participants over-evaluate the stress they will feel and those signs were visible immediately after they broke up.

The persons who predicted the feeling when they were truly madly in love with their partner, were totally mistake. They predicted that the separation will destroy them, but in fact it didn’t happen and they pass through it better than some others did.

There exist some large differences between the persons who said that they are deeply in love compared with the persons who answered that they weren’t as much. In reality, the persons who were in love, had just a little bit more stress than the others.

There are lots of inconveniences between the prediction before and after the broke up. According to the results, people think about stress after the separation as a terrible thing, while they are still in a relation with the partner.

Do we have to swear?

What is the relation between the predictions and getting married with a person? It suggests that we need to be careful according to the predictions about our emotional situation in the future.

Do not think that the things that will happen will be under your control, and even more that you know how will be your behavior in that moment. For example you may promise you will respect your partner decision, even when you will be mad.

Or you may promise you will never have an affair. These things and much more others are not under your control, but could you promise that you will love your partner forever till death will separate you. The reality shows that the human being cannot predict things like this because lots of things depend only by a moment.

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