In Greek Prison Cells An Inmate Has Been Found Dead!

greek-prisons-top-channel-liveThe Albanian prisoner, Ilia Kareli , who killed a guardian 3 days ago in Malandrino Prison in Greece is found dead in his cell. He has been transferred last Thursday in Nigrita prison , near Serre, a city 30 km away from Thessaloniki.

His death has been reported  by Top Channel Live after midnight and immediately it is called the legal doctor and the policy which opened an investigation about this mysterious case. According to the Justice Ministry, the police has seen the filmic registrations which are inside and outside the prison and those registrations show that he hasn’t been really good from his health situation and that has gone to the bet with very bad problems of looks like his death comes from pathologic reasons.

The police believes that there is not a case of being killed from the other prisoners. The real reasons of his dead will be cleared by the legal medics report. Ilia Kareli was condemned for 29 years and he was suffering it in Malandrino prison, Report the top channel Live journalists in Greece!

During the March 25, midday he learned that his request for 5 days of permission was refused again and he killed the guardian saying that “You don’t even let me see my mother!!!” He used a artisanal knife to kill the guardian. Kareli was asked again why did he killed the guardian and if he felt compassion about what he did, but he didn’t showed being regret.

This event caused lots of revolt in guardians lines, for the security in Greek prisons. Also there are 30 prisoners in Trikala prison who do not accept to eat, while 6 of them, considered as the spirit of revolts in the middle of prisoners have been transferred in another prison.

Meanwhile, in all the prisons of the country where are more than 2600 Albanian prisoners, there is a tensioned situation and there are taken extraordinary security precautions. A few days before there were been lots of revolts about the new project-law approved by the Greek government for the construction of high security prisons, where, according the prisoners declarations, they will lose lots of their rights.

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