Rtk Live Talks About Games Of Thrones, 4th Season even more Hotter!

game-of-thrones-rtk-liveA prince undresses a group of prostitutes, nude one by one, as he tries to choose his partner of the night. It seems like a pornographic films scene, but it is just the last episode of the epic drama of the fantasy-serial “Game of thrones”, based on the novels of George R. Martin.

The bloody serial started the 4th session, on Monday, shocking even its own fans. There were around 700’000 fans were grouped together waiting for the expected return of their preferred serial in “Sky Atlantic also on rtklive.org” at 21:00.

The scene with the prostitutes came only 10 minutes after the serial started. Meanwhile that the newest fans of the serial, which is developed as a cult, because has been followed by viewers of all types of ages, were thought to watch the film in their parents company.

The promotional campaign activists said that this scene may affect the youth, making them feel “insensible” to the contain, taking into consideration the shock and the influence of the scene during the film making. Miranda Suit from: Safermedia, says: “You young girls, can you just tell me what are you exactly learning by these scenes?

That what most of the males want from a girl is their body and being nude or unclothed is the best way to have their attention?

This does not only damage the women but also the males. A Twitter user wrote: I cannot watch “Game of Thrones”. There are lots of murders and sexual violations. While another one wrote “I swear that Game of Thrones is a sexual violations festival”.

Lately Game of Throne is also spreading out in Europe by giving the rights to Rtk Live and since they advertise them the public has been very interesting for the episodes to start! This is not the first time an American Tv Program gets wild in Europe by Rtk Live.

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